Pecan Chipotle Brittle

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Tentative availability/ship date projected for the week of November 22.
11/24 Update:  Production issues have pushed the availability of the brittles into early December.  Thank you for your patronage and your understanding.

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Pecan Chipotle Brittle. 12 oz. net weight.

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12 reviews for Pecan Chipotle Brittle

  1. Michael M from United States

    Pecan Chipotle Brittle
    I found the brittle to be quite spicy, but I love spice, so it was really a great taste. I would order it again in an instant.

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  2. Joe Richards

    This brittle is delicious. Crunchy and sweet with a good dose of spice as well. It is a wonderful balance of heat, sweet, and savory. The heat is definitely there but is not overwhelming though some will find it too hot, my mother for instance, does not care for even a touch of heat. If you enjoy spicy though, this is the ticket!

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  3. Stephen M. (verified owner)

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  4. Carol (verified owner)

    Very tasty

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  5. Mike Woehnker (verified owner)

    This is a gift.

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  6. Rocky (verified owner)

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  7. Cheryl Ball

    I bought this on a whim maybe a decade ago for the first time and I tell everyone about it whenever the subject of brittle comes up. Subtle spice and deliciously chewy. Also makes a great gift for brittle lovers.

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  8. Connie (verified owner)

    I ordered a few things after visiting the store in June. I loved this brittle with a little heat. It’s delicious and I would definitely order again and recommend to friends.

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  9. Maureen Bickersteth (verified owner)

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  10. Kathy Mitchell

    Absolutely the best blend of ingredients! Won’t notice the “bite” until after eating the 2nd piece. We like this, A LOT, as do many…’s your of stock again! 😢.

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  11. Sheryll Wade (verified owner)

    My husband absolutely loves this brittle…and he’s a hard one to please!

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  12. Anna (verified owner)

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