Season Selection #2

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Suspended until 11-1-20


Contains Wild Thimbleberry, Black Currant, Wild Blackberry, Gooseberry, Apricot, and Red Raspberry Jams; of (Wild) Grape, Spiced Wild Apple, Wild Apple Pincherry, and Wild Spiced Apple, Pear Cinnamon Jellies; and Plum Butter. Due to the limited supply of some varieties, we reserve the right to make substitutions – of equal or greater value – when necessary.

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Weight 14 lbs

9 reviews for Season Selection #2

  1. Rory T. from United States

    Outstandingproducts supporting a priceless mission!
    My colleagues at work were very impressed!

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  2. kathy voss from Clinton Township, Michigan

    My favorite moment at the JamPot
    I have ordered online a few times, but actually made it up to Copper Harbor area again. I made it a mission to stop at the JamPot to check it out and buy lots of yummy jams, jellies, baked goods. With my arms full of goodies, I plopped them down by the register and said “do you have 2 different sizes of jars? I seem to remember when I ordered online, the jars seemed to be a bigger size?” The Brother who was at the register looked at me and proceeded to say, “No, they are all one size. I think you are hallucinating!” Everyone who heard that remark started laughing, including me! I just thought that was the funniest thing to hear coming from a person of religion like that! And, no, I was not hallucinating! Oh, and the products? Unbelievably delicious!! The fruitcakes and bread? When they say “soaked in brandy or rum” WOW, do they really mean it!! I highly recommend anything they have as it is made with the gift of Heaven in their hearts.

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  3. Jack S from United States

    Every jar is a treat.
    Quick delivery and jams and jellies with great flavor!

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)


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  5. Domenic B. (verified owner)

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  6. Tom Heyboer (verified owner)

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  7. Sarah M. (verified owner)

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  8. Warren Emmons (verified owner)

    see above

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  9. TERENCE COLEMAN (verified owner)

    Several of these became gifts

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